In Between the Lines: Higher Level English


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Trevor Phillips
with thanks to Trevor Phillips, broadcaster, journalist and Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality
The Daily Politics
04 November 2003, BBC Television
Colin Blakemore
07 December 1998, Granada / Tyne & Tees / ITN
Michelle Thew
Dispatch box, 13 November 2001, BBC Television
Embryo screening
BBC News 21 July 2004, The Bridge Clinic, London and BBC Television
Suzi Leather, Aggie Michael, Mohamed Taranissi
BBC News, 21 July 2004, BBC Television
Ian Gibson MP, Jonathon Glover, Denise Kelly, Josephine Quinatavlle, Robert Winston
BBC Newsnight, 10 December 2001, BBC Television


Watching TV
Animal rights rally
Chemo (boy having chemotherapy treatment)
Colin Cuthbert, Science Photo Library
Alzheimers (woman and doctor with computer)
Catherine Pouedras, Science Photo Library
Asthmatic child using peak flow machine
Assorted tablets
Mother holding hand of boy in bed
Sotiris Zafeiris, Science Photo Library
Collection of tablets with bottles
Cat behind bars
Animal brain in jar
Primate with head wound
DCA website home page
Department for Constitutional Affairs
Electronic Freedom Foundation website home page
Electronic Freedom Foundation
Free Culture website home page
Article 19 website home page
Article 19
Designer babies walking
Victor Habbick Visions, Science Photo Library
Newborn girl in bed
Paul Whitehill, Science Photo Library
Upside down babies multi–coloured jars
Mark Garlick, Science Photo Library
In Vitro via light microscope
Zephyr, Science Photo Library
Designer babies in three jars
Victor de Schwanberg, Science Photo Library


Tight rein on animal extremists planned
extract from The Guardian, Saturday July 31, 2004 (Owen Bowcott)
Scientists cautiously welcome plan, but point to gaps
extract from The Guardian, Saturday July 31, 2004 (Alok Jha, science correspondent, and Owen Bowcott)
Animal rights arsonist to face UK ban
extract from The Observer, Sunday August 1, 2004 (Jamie Doward, Mark Townsend & Martin Bright)
Animal rights activists hit training camp to sharpen up battle plans
extract from The Guardian, Monday September 6, 2004 – Matthew Taylor
UK animal experiments on the increase
extract from news service, 18:16, 07 September 2004 – Andy Coghlan
Animal Welfare–Human Rights: protecting people from animal rights extremists, Forward
extract from Home Office Communication Directorate, July 2004, Home Office / Attorney General / DTi with Foreword by the Prime Pinister, Rt Hon Tony Blair MP and the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon David Blunkett MP
Animal Models
extract from BUAV Factsheet U1: campaigning to end animal experiments
Home Office figures reveal rise in UK animal experiments including huge increase in number of procedures on primates
extract from BUAV Press Release, 7th September 2004
Top Level Government Group to Tackle Animal Rights Extremists
extract from Huntingdon Life Sciences, press release: News from Home Office, London, 26 April 2001
Statement on the Use of Animals in Research
extract from AMRC Statement on the Use of Animals in Research, revised March 2004
Street Trash: Beggars of Britain
Tony Parsons, extract from Arena 1991, reproduced with kind permission of Arena magazine
The reality of begging
extract from Compassion not coercion: addressing the question of begging, Crisis March 2003
Looking for change: the role and impact of begging on the lives of people who beg
extracts from Looking for change: the role and impact of begging on the lives of people who beg, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2000