In Between the Lines: Higher Level English

New activity!

The origin of life

Dinosaur eggs
How did life begin on earth? Explore the views of Darwinists and creationists and present your own arguments for the origin of life.

Homelessness and begging

Two homeless people with their dog
Consider what it must be like to be homeless and forced to beg for a living. This activity shows strong viewpoints on this emotive issue.

Designer babies

Montage of high-tech baby images
There are strong views on the issue of genetic engineering and so-called designer babies. Consider the arguments and construct your own.

Freedom of information

Screenshot of Electronic Frontiers Foundation website
What are the best ways to communicate now that we have access to so much information? Explore websites and radio in this activity.

The use of animals in medical research

Animal rights protest march
The issue of the use of animals for medical research always starts a healthy debate. Put together your own front page news in this activity.

The impact of advertising on young people

Two children watching television advert
Does advertising have a strong impact on children? Watch a debate on junk-food advertising and consider the arguments for and against a ban.
BETT awards 2006 short listed

In Between the Lines is a series of high challenge activities for students working at Level 7+, in English. It is based on real world issues including homelessness, begging, animal experimentation, 'designer babies' and our new topic: the origin of life. Students will:

  • use custom-built interactive tools to edit videos, design newspaper front pages and write scripts
  • explore viewpoint, argument, opinion and presentational devices
  • develop critical and creative thinking skills across the curriculum.